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Just be very specific on your profile about what your requierements are.Have fun:) Casual Dating4u is one of the best, and I've tried them all. I've been a member for two years precisely because it works for me.

No strings online dating is not easy for men but not for women either. Before I was a six month AFF member with pretty much same results.Those sites work fine adn will get you laid if you work on your communication skills and if you are decent looking. I've been a member of Casual Dating4u for over 1 year.That may esxplain why some guys don't ever receive any answer;) Anyway, as a woman it can be a fun site to use.Some guys simply suck but other guys are nice and handsome:) I am from Singapore and I used Casual Dating4u for almost four weeks with good results.

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I think it has by far not as many members as ' AFF' , which I think is not that bad either, but on the other hand it seems like the man to woman ratio is a little better. Good news for those of you who know how to treat a woman: If we weren't scared away yet we will be so grateful to meet someone who respects us, who does not send pictures of his private parts, who does not ask us if we want to 'suck him off' on the first date.