Dating sugar ru

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Dating sugar ru

Moreover, we will find out what Product Ops is and how to act in order to build better products and be involved not just in the development process.

On Jan 6, 2016, Netflix expanded its service to nearly 200 countries, becoming the first truly global television network.

At I/O 2018, Google released the Firebase ML Kit which creates various exciting opportunities for Android Developers aiming to build smart apps without having to worry about the nitty-gritty of Machine Learning.

The Firebase ML Kit APIs offer features like face detection, text recognition, object detection, etc.

The Netflix app for i OS is localized in 28 languages, and the developers' team is constantly working to refine the experience across a number of fronts.

In his talk John will discuss how Netflix approaches: high-quality localization, dealing with hostile network conditions, A/B testing and more. Do not miss the welcome speech of e-Legion’s CEO — Roman Beloded in the Main Hall.

This talk will go over binary size analysis and optimizations we used at Uber, as well as general tips and tricks you can apply to your app.Walk through the working of each API and implement them in your own apps.Nikolay is going to share his team 'crime and punishment' story: why they had to use i OS Private API in App Metrica SDK development and what happened after that.Badoo is the world's largest dating service with an audience of more than 390 million users.The speed of development and the quality of functionality are critical.

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Your apps can also label a provided image for special characteristics and identify popular landmarks in a picture.

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