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package, there is an Extensions Directory that contains thousands of 3rd party Plugins, Modules, and Components that can be added to the site.

The directory - located at extensions.- is where users unlock the true potential of Joomla!

Modules are the building blocks of the visual Joomla! Modules can contain customized text and images, but they may also feature calendars, shopping carts, registration forms, video files, image rotators, log in forms, directories, forums and many others.

Modules can be placed into a variety of positions on the site depending on the Template being used and positions can easily be changed. features allow quite a lot of functionality, if there is something that you would like to feature on your site that is not part of the core Joomla!

community and has an impressive portfolio of over 100 responsive templates, ranging from business, travel, health to entertainment or financial.

Some of the best templates to be used for dating platforms Gavick Pro is a Polish template developer that is popular among Joomla! Their unique styles and layouts transform any dull page into a new-age, sophisticated invitation to learn more.

For this reason, we have picked out a few of our users' favorite Joomla!Because of Joomla’s extensible structure, there are not many things you cannot do.That is why it’s the perfect application framework for individuals, small business, and large enterprises. apart from the rest is the dedication to keeping things as simple as possible while providing the most features possible. enables users of all types to build websites and powerful online applications. Article Manager, users can easily create content that is displayed that might be shown in different locations on the page.A Template controls the overall look and layout of a site.It provides the framework that brings together common elements, modules and components as well as providing the cascading style sheet for the site.

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Articles typically contain some text, pictures or other type of content and for most types of Joomla sites.

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