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The news appeared on the April Fool’s Eve, so many users were sure that it was a joke from the developers of the application.

Later Tinder confirmed that the announcement really was an April Fool’s joke.

In a post on Reddit, he wrote that he knew a lot of situations when girls tried to hide their weight before a personal meeting.

“I guarantee that they will not do anything about the women weight indication.

Approaching the lady you like, for example, you can praise the party and say: “It’s great that my friend Frank brought to this place, but here are only couples, apparently he forgot to see my status on Facebook:”the last single on this planet”. If you decide to try your luck online, you can write in private that she is the only beautiful girl with an uncertain status and you would like to offer her your friendship and interesting communication. In case the lady you liked has a boyfriend, be polite, the joke will always smooth out the awkwardness, smile and leave.

And, in conclusion, we would like to advise you never to be afraid to ask the girl if she is a single.

According to the police, the girl withdrew this amount from her boyfriend’s credit card to avenge his refusal to buy a plane ticket to New York.How to determine whether the lady you like has a boyfriend, or is she a single, if she does not wear a ring and no one is visible? Maybe she will say something like “as my boyfriend says …” or “my husband thinks that …” If this fails and there are no mutual friends to carefully find out the necessary information, or (with online acquaintance), the status of the girl is not indicated, then you will need the advice outlined in the text below.Moreover, sometimes the status in social networks is not indicative, because a girl may just want to protect herself from short-term adventure seekers. ” If a surprised girl says that you were wrong, then tell her that she looks like your classmate, who you always liked.So we are glad to offer some simple and ingenious ways, how to find out, without any particular awkwardness, whether the lady is single or not. But for this method you need a little artistry and courage.You are not a timid and capable of something like: “You are irresistible in this blue dress and, by the way, do you have a boyfriend? But be prepared to get an immediate refusal or worse hear “Oh, yes, of course! And by the way, he is a boxer and very jealous.” Online direct questions are easier to ask, because you can be hundreds of kilometers apart. This is a chance to find out whether this girl is single.

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So, let us tell you several useful tips for starting your successful online dating conversation in the next article.

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