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Posted by / 24-Jan-2020 15:20

Tinder, if you are not familiar, is currently one of the most widely used mobile apps for connecting with people in the midst of an ever-growing online dating boom.

From my perspective it used to have a much more dodgy reputation when it first came out (or maybe that was just the NYC scene), but nowadays is a legit way to connect singles here in Singapore and all around the world.

It’s also nice that you can strategically choose from multiple locations.

It’s super easy to write a few messages back and forth with the girls, then ask them for their phone contact and arrange a date.You could go to the Geylang red light district and buy a hooker but that’s going to be very expensive.Again this isn’t Thailand and usually only rich Asian business men do this.Now, I’m only here to help you think about a few possible locations for a Tinder date, the rest is up to you…One of the newest and most hidden bars in Singapore, this place shows you are hip on what’s new on the F&B scene but you are chill enough to get down in a dive bar setting.

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Are you afraid the date might be a bust and don’t want to risk spending an arm and a leg at some ambiguously priced cocktail bar?