Dating media buys

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Dating media buys

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They’ve had a change of heart or the proposal did not go to plan,” Andrew said.

“We have a fair share of men who want to sell the ring, and we buy a lot of watches. You also get a lot of inherited pieces, which is a mix of male and female.” Clients often find WP Diamonds because of the hundreds of positive reviews it has across the internet — including on Trustpilot and Google and their A BBB rating.

Even if someone finds a place that’s willing to sell on consignment, the process can take a long time.

“We buy rings from called-off engagements, divorces, and inheritances,” said WP Diamonds CEO Andrew Brown.

“We also help clients upgrade their engagement rings.

Its experts can quickly offer a quote to buy your piece, and, if you’re pleased, you can ship it overnight to the team for a final review and offer. While people can find plenty of statistics on how many marriages end in divorce, a lesser-known fact is that 20% of engagements are also called off.

Users can sell engagement rings or wedding jewelry within 24 hours and, with the money freshly in their pocket, move on quickly. Couples can end an engagement for a variety of reasons beyond one partner getting cold feet.

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And we want people to do their research and see what people say about us.” The majority of customers who sell through WP Diamonds are female, but laws vary by state on who gets to keep the engagement ring if the engagement is called off.

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