Dating earth synopsis

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Dating earth synopsis

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Shiva assumes it to be an Exofleet craft and orders a flight of E-frames to dispatch it, but another Neosapien, a scientist named Xenobius, enters the room and suggests that his GRAF (gravitational focus) shield be used instead.

Marsala wishes Napier luck, and he responds with a cynical "Yeah." As Napier's section heads off into the woods, the Able Squad pilots frame up. The pilots take off in the Resistance's battered, old E-frames and fly toward the shield center.

In the center of a cluster of E-frames at the shield complex, Shiva informs his pilots that his agent has reported an imminent attack by the Resistance, smugly adding that the Terrans are heading straight into a trap.

When the computer prompts him to make another request, he wistfully replies, " a genius." On a precipice in sight of the control center, Marsh and Napier plan out a diversionary attack by the Resistance while the Exofleet pilots make the real strike on the center.

The two return to a clearing in the forest where the others and their E-frames are waiting to begin their attack. about having to lie to Napier about the mission, saying that the possibility of a Neosapien agent justified his actions.

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The pods are scattered and continue plummeting through the atmosphere, but Noretti's pod is struck by a large fragment from the asteroid.

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