Dating debate partner

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Dating debate partner

But if you're not quite sure how you're feeling in the relationship, how your partner approaches these conflicts can say a lot."Arguments that deal with the progression of a relationship can actually be a good sign," Dr. "It means that the relationship is important enough to one or both parties for the area of concern to have mattered in the first place.

Becoming someone's partner means navigating the rest of their social life, as well.

In a less-than-healthy couple, partners may not feel comfortable enough sharing their feelings up front, especially if they're negative ones.

So if you and your partner have been having fights after coming to each other with concrete examples of how you've been affected by one another's actions, that may actually be a good sign."Strong couples feel safe in sharing when their love hurt their feelings," Kester says.

As long as these debates are respectful, they can be a great exercise in practicing patience and tolerance for someone who holds a different opinion." So if you're unsure, but have noticed your partner respectfully picking your brain, remember they may be coming from a place of love.

Just like arguments about engagement and marriage, arguments about other steps in the relationship, like meeting each other's families, can feel incredibly daunting.

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The strongest relationships are thick with arguments. Earth-shattering, appetite-destroying, sleep-losing, skin-burning, can't-live-life-without-each-other love. When I say "fighting," I’m not talking about full-blown physical encounters.

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