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Suddenly, there’s a strange stack of emotions to process.

What used to be a day of joy is now a day of hurt/confusion/anger/resentment/etc.

Should I take today to be grateful for the good years?

This is one of those situations where there’s just nothing in playbook of life to know how to think.

It breaks my heart seeing the person she chooses to be. What if I meet someone who was never divorced, how am I supposed to feel about this then? Bringing kids into the mix just adds a new depth of confusion for me.

‘People see a husband treating his wife to a break from the kids. Should I try to focus on the joy that was present for the bulk of my marriage or perhaps focus on the last few anniversaries that were spent alone and heartbroken? My mind went to those vivid memories of crying, praying, and begging for that nightmare to end. I counted down the minutes until that day was over. That worked for a while until I got sad about not being married anymore.

We are anything but.’ The first time my ex-anniversary rolled around the calendar, I tried to block it out. Suddenly, thoughts and feelings started to bubble up. What was once my favorite celebration of the year morphed into something I began to dread. The next year I was already prepared for how I was going to handle it. (Disclaimer: I wasn’t sad about not being married to Crissy. Ever.) I missed having a best friend that was as close and intimate as I once had.

Eventually, they were just a giant quilt work of patches. Before my first ex-anniversary (probably like most people who have been divorced), I tried to block that date out of my mind. My old anniversary date is just another day on the calendar now.” However of course, I found out that is simply not true.

The feelings changed, but each time it rolls around, I feel things that set it apart from just an ordinary day.

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