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I told him he was hired and I would pick him up the next morning. I told him up frontthat my wife was very conservative when it comes to sex, And in her forty years I am the only one she has ever been with.

I told him I had placed spy cams throughout the house and whenever he tried anything with marta I wanted to know about it beforehand, and to make sure he was in view of the gladly agreed.

I said I would pay a fair hourlywage, I asked that they send pics with their reply, I had many responses I called three of them but picked one.

From a 19yohe was a bit young but said he was willing to work hard and would respect any boundries I had,but most of all he had a verylarge cock, He said he still lived with his folks and would need a ride, I went out to meet him he seem like a very likeabeguy and somewhat shy.

When I got her in the car she was hot she kept grabbing my cock and wanted to fuck right then, I said waittill we get home, But by the time we made it home she had passed out. I am the able tocum many times in a short amount of time so I thought that I could shoot multiple loads on her and tell her that she hadbrought home two guys from the club, So the first load would be in her pussy I pulled her panties off and was trying to fuck her, but she was dry,the only oil we had in the house was cooking oil,so I used it to lube her pussy,man her pussy felt nice, I came on her pussy hair so it would be good and crusty in the morning.

I shot two loads on the front of her next morning she didnt wake till 10am I was outside when I heard her calling for me, I laughed to myself as Iwent to see what she wanted, The first thing out of her mouth was you ruined my dress, I asked what do you mean,she said your cum stains are all over my dress and its ruined.

I asked him if I could see his cock so i could be sure it was the one in the pics he sent,he was somewhat hesitant and I told him I would pull mine out tohe agreed,he pulled his out,and then I was the one to not want to show mine as his looked much bigger in person he said hiswas 8.5 inches soft and just over ten hard. I asked him if he still wanted to see mine,he said no thats ok I told him mine was just under 5in. I told him damn if you did fuck her you might ruin it for me,cause I wouldn't be able to feel her pussy anymore,we both laughed and we headed for my house to get started. We got started on the house and got alot accomplished.

The second day at five oclock marta called for us to come out tothe patio,where she had prepared us some sandwiches with chips and beer. Martaseemed very comfortable around mike perhaps cause he was so young, she joked around with him and told him she was impressedby his hard work.

He said I couldn't help it my cock was starting to get hard,and I was afraid if it got hard she would know we set this wholescenerio up,we laughed about it later.I had told mike a few days before about a site that he could join to make extra money and maybe we could entice marta to check it out.He did join the site,but said he did earn some money but it was mostly guys that sent him the money,and he wasn't intothat.It had been along time since we had done anything worth writing about.My wife marta was almost 40 years old now, And to dateshe has only touched two cocks besides mine.

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I told marta to put an ad in our local paper for a carpenters helper.

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