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Cbs gay dating site super bowl

The Super Bowl dominates the list of the most-watched programs in American television history, routinely drawing more than 100 million total viewers — even in the current era, where shows that attract more than 10 million are considered smash hits.The mania for all things related to the NFL's annual championship game spreads beyond game day.With the event about to debut its 53 edition, longtime viewers might just think they can devise a Super Bowl ad as easily as any creative toiling away at one of the nation’s big ad agencies. What follows below isn’ t a list of the best Super Bowl ads ever made.

The first Clydesdale Super Bowl ad aired in 1986, calling back to a promotional gimmick that Anheuser-Busch came up with in the '30s to celebrate the end of Prohibition.

Curating that roster is a task best delegated to people with ten times our sagacity or acumen.

Instead, it’s a compendium of those big commercials that forced a change in how Super Bowl commercials are plotted, put together or placed in the lineup of the network broadcasting the game.

That's why the following list, arranged roughly chronologically, doesn’t try to name the Super Bowl commercials of all time (although some of the ads I've included definitely qualify).

Instead, these are the ones that best represent the trends and subcategories that have defined a phenomenon.

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The Green Police campaign will get its widest exposure in Audi's Super Bowl commercial during CBS's (CBS) Feb. While the mock PSAs are humorous, with a shtick that leans more toward , it's certainly never fortuitous for a German company to bring up reminders of the Third Reich. An Audi spokesman didn't immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

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