Carbon dating on the shroud of turin

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A large puncture wound on the man’s side is also consistent with that made by a Roman spear.Though medieval iconography portrays Jesus nailed to the cross through his palms and the front of his feet, archaeologists have found the bones of a Roman crucifixion victim nailed through the wrists and heels.

The history of the Shroud is long and controversial.

In 1978, Jackson led a research team given unprecedented access to the shroud.

The team determined that the shroud was not painted, dyed or stained.

A tiny tube was inserted into the wrist of the volunteer to simulate dripping from a wound where a crucifixion nail would have been inserted. Using instruments such a ballistic angle finder, the study showed that the direction and behavior of the rivulets of blood did not match those evidenced in high-resolution photographs of the shroud.

The cloth is housed in a special case in the Turin Cathedral and goes on display only on rare occasions.

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