Adult phone chat jobs

Posted by / 05-Jan-2020 18:47

Adult phone chat jobs

It can help people who might want someone to speak to and even practice their chat up lines with.

As with every kind of regular PSO jobs there is nothing special that you need or have to find out in order to become men PSO.

You can find however subtle differences when a woman rings men PSO rather than every time a man rings a lady PSO.Did you know that there are jobs out there for male phone sex operators?It’s true and many people make a lot of money working as a Male PSO.Like many industries phone sex is especially operated by women, the interest in a female voice following a mobile phone might be from your heterosexual male wanting to get horny.There’s nothing wrong with that, it is simply a simple the event of supply and demand.

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Most males have the misperception that male sex line operators only work on homosexual or bisexual chat lines or must be adequately versed in every things kinky and strange.