Adult chat careers

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Adult chat careers

Our member-based program is available to individuals over the age of 21.

Our school caters to students from middle school through grade 12.

Provision of educational guidance is given high priority in Denmark.

The Danish Act on guidance, adopted in 2004, aims to develop a transparent guidance system with easy access to high quality guidance services.

The institutions are free to choose their methods and the appropriate staff to support students in completing their education.Youth guidance centres (”Ungdommens uddannelsesvejledning”, UU) Full-time guidance practitioners at the 56 municipal youth guidance centres provide guidance in relation to the transition from compulsory education to youth education.Target groups are: pupils in lower secondary school from form 7 to form 9, pupils in the voluntary 10th form and young people under the age of 25 not involved in education, training or employment..Currently it consists of individual members, as well as representatives from member organisations and ministries, appointed for a period of three years.The purpose of the Dialogue Forum is two-fold: For detailed descriptions of all guidance services, see Guidance in Denmark (pdf).

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In 2018, new legislation is expected to be adopted by the Danish Parliament, which will replace the former act on guidance.