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Accomodating vs stubborn personality

A phenotype for someone with a disorder is a pattern of disturbed or inappropriate relationships with others.Carl Jung Carl Jung was a Swiss psychologist who was most notable for dream analysis, but he also illustrated a theory of personality.The Superego acts as the moral police, and demands that we act in a moral and socially appropriate manner, no matter the circumstance. The Ego works as the executive of the psyche, striving to find a balance between the Id's hedonism and the Superego's moralism.Freud also believed that personalities were influenced by material held in the unconscious.Like Allport, Jung also answers the question of uniqueness versus universality in his theory.

In other words, an archetype is a model, prototype, or stereotype that is used as a structural component to a developing Sigmund Freud Freud developed the model of the psyche or personality composed of the Id, Ego, and Superego.Allport is sometimes referred to as the founder of personality psychology.He believed that the study of personality could be characterized in 2 ways.Phenotypes are observable aspects of how the individual relates to the world.For example, genotypes can be values, likes or dislikes.

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His treatment consisted of helping individuals make the unconscious-conscious to understand their motives behind their emotions and behaviors.