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Also an important fact is that the union, on behalf of the Grievor, found another welder employee willing to work straight night shifts to counter her straight day shift request. Frankly it seems the Employer just said no without any reasoning other than it didn’t have to, in its opinion…..

In comparison the problem the Grievor faced was more than “a bit difficult”.

'"Having frequent unexcused absences Tolerance for unexcused absences -- absences without a doctor's note or a call to say you won't be coming in -- varies widely by employer.

In most cases, however, five to eight unexcused absences could end your job, Stoneburner says."I tend to see initial disciplinary warnings after four unexcused absences," she says.

Also, keep in mind that just because you've seen your boss' children at the office from time to time doesn't mean it's OK for you to bring yours."If you bring your child in every time school is closed, people will start to say, 'Wait a minute, why are your children here again?

The Grievor was the sole parent providing care to her children, she relied completely on third party child care to assist with her parental duties.

She had no extended family in Fort Mc Murray and the fathers of the children were not involved in their care.

The employer refused her request to work straight day shifts.

Notably at arbitration the Employer did not lead any evidence on how fulfilling rotating shifts was a bona fide occupational requirement nor did it lead evidence on how allowing her to work straight days would result in undue hardship to the company.

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"After five to eight absences, you could be terminated."If you're unclear as to what an "unexcused" absence entails, check your company's policy.

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