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Posted by / 04-Nov-2019 12:04

I’ve spent 30-some years dating the wrong guys for the wrong reasons and the end results are the same — I’m miserable.

”“My main dating goal in 2019 is to not settle on some guy that I’m not really interested in just because I’m bored or lonely.

I have made a list of dating ideas outside the box to include apartment or car shopping for fun, weekend overnight trips, and taking cooking classes.

I’m looking for someone that is open to having fun and being spontaneous.

A few ways I’m planning to put myself out there is by trying a new hobby, going to the gym without headphones so I appear to be more open to conversing, and even going to Happy Hour on my own!

”“I spent 2018 dating a lot of guys, including one exceptional man who unexpectedly passed away a few months later from a serious illness.

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[...] Also, I aim to have more balanced, reciprocal dating; one person always planning is a no-go; both parties should take initiative.